Atelier KIKA is a studio in Awaji-shima, Japan. which performs woodwork manufacture. This atelier was established from the desire to tackle various craftsmanship in the free way of thinking by Nobuyuki Kitajima in 1997. The word "KIKA" means "making a tree sublimate" in Japanese. KIKA does both design and manufacture from things fit in both hands to objects which occupy a large amount of space. Custom made products of KIKA are created meticulously one by one through relationships and interactions with customers and clients. A contiuation of these works makes what KIKA is today and tomorrow.

Nobuyuki Kitajima

atelier KIKA





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867, Koyamada, Ayuhara, Goshiki-cho, Sumoto-shi, Hyogo, JAPAN [Google Map]
Tel/Fax +81-0799-32-1515
E-mail info@kitajimanobuyuki.com

URL http://www.kitajimanobuyuki.com/

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